Tough Tek Metal®Patio Screen Door

10 Year Screen Warranty

Tough Tek Metals® Patio Screen Doors carry a
10 year warranty!

Now there's a patio sliding screen door with the same maintenance-free durable protection as the Tough Tek Metal® safety screen.

The corrosion-resistant screen is covered by a ten-year manufacturer's warranty and ends the cycle of common repairs for patio screen doors from pets, kids, walk-throughs, sharp objects, wear & tear, and bugs & insects.


  • Tough Tek Metals® design.
  • Customized frame to fit most door systems.*
  • Doors made of 2" wide, .040" thick, 6063-T6 extruded aluminum frame.
  • Screens are 023, or greater, stainless steel wire mesh.
  • Tig-welded joints on screen insert.
  • Heavy-duty mortise lock with steel latch.
  • Standard steel ball bearing wheels.

* Multi-Fit Frame:
- Without expanders - adjustable wheels, top and bottom, adjust up to 5/8" total.
- With one expander on top - adjustable wheels on bottom adjust up to 1 1/4" total.

Tough Tek Patio Doors offer an un-matched strength and security in a patio screen door. While the box store brands bend, tear, rip and deteriorate, the Tough Tek Patio Door is practically life-proof.

What Clients Say About Patio Screen Doors

My husband and I added a sunroom to our home that included a sliding glass patio door and screen door. Construction was by a reputable builder who used quality materials, but after several years and much usage, the sliding screen door became warped. This was partly due to our dog getting overexcited and hitting the screen with such force attempting to get outside, that he knocked the screen door off its track and loosened the screen from the frame. We replaced the sliding screen door with one built by Lansing Housing Products. The new door frame is far superior in quality, durability and the screen is extremely solid. The screen is puncture proof and the frame has withstood a lot of pressure without being derailed or bent. For quality, durability and SAFETY, Lansing Housing Products deserve the highest rating possible. They have set the standard by which all like products should be measured.

Shirley Darling