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Our colors are developed to complement residential, commercial and industrial property styles.   The colors are applied as baked-on powder coat finishes. They are extremely durable and require little maintenance.

Select colors available in specially formulated heat resistant paint for Tough Tek Metals®.

TTM’s cool paint technology provides energy savings and blocks harmful UV rays.

What Clients Say About Child Safety Screens

Lansing housing products is an amazing company that truly cares about the safety of their customers. I first contacted the company after I had tried to have fall rated screens installed in my military housing. My previous military base had already had their product installed, which was a window screen that offers fall protection to ensure the safety of children. When I moved to a new duty station the property management company had not installed any sort of fall prevention measures in the home. After a failed attempt at working with the property management company I contacted Lansing Housing Products myself to purchase their fall rated screens. Their company designed a prototype screen that they then sent to me, along with providing instruction on how to install. After the prototype was verified the company sent me the required screens, I needed to install them on all my second story windows. The company was extremely patient in dealing with me and did not rush me throughout any of the process. Moreover, the company choose to donate the screens to my family, this highlights the fact that this company is truly concerned with the safety of children and cares about the welfare of their customers. I would recommend their product to anyone that is looking for the peace of mind of a fall protection, while not limiting their ability to utilize their windows to the fullest. Bonus is these screens are durable and will hold up longer than conventional screens.

Clay Collins Via Google Review

Lendlease hopes to finish installing Tough Tek Metals window safety screens in the majority of 156,000 upper-story windows in its 40,000 military houses by 2026. They initially tried using limiting devices on windows, which allows the window to open only a limited distance. However, installation fire departments pushed back on these devices because they block escape in the event of a fire. So, Lendlease’s innovation group and the environmental health and safety team worked with industry to see what was available, and teamed up with Lansing Housing Products to develop a strong screen, said Phillip Carpenter, Chief Operating Officer, Lendlease Communities . What’s most exciting is the potential for this innovation to make its mark beyond Lendlease.

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