Tough Tek Metals®

Product Construction
Mitered joints are tig welded for strength

20 Years Warranty

  • 6063-T Extruded Aluminum Frame profile shall not exceed 1/4" at track insertion point.
  • Wire Cloth shall be standard tensile strength stainless steel alloy #304. #316 also available with superior corrosive resistance.
  • .018”, .023” or .028” diameter wire mesh.
  • The frame shall be cut with a mitered corner construction. The screen material will be compressed into the jaw of the frame material and the frame miters will be welded.
  • The screen material is held in place in the pressed area of the screen frame by the design of the aluminum extrusion.
  • Various components, such as Stainless Steel Tension Springs and Handles, can be applied to the screen frame.

A Polyester Powder-coat paint finish shall be electrostatically applied, and baked for a minimum of 15 minutes at 400 degrees F. Powder-coat paint finish shall be a minimum of 1.5 mil thickness.

Optional is a specially formulated heat resistant paint for Tough Tek Metals®.

Our child safety screens, Tough Tek Metals®, withstand 100 pounds static pressure and keep children on the safe side of an open window.

What Clients Say About Child Safety Screens

After explaining the problem of children falling from windows, and how they could help, Brian Houlihan and the entire labor force at Lansing Housing Products took on the project with enthusiasm and purpose.  They took it on, and with the assistance of the Iowa State University Engineering Department came up with a patented Child Safety Screen.

When asked to do a Benefit/Cost Analysis to determine the impact of the Child Safety Screens when installed on existing large multi-unit affordable housing developments it was found that such installation saved property management approximately 98% of all window maintenance costs. 
The screens simply save money as well as save children

Jim Graham Executive Director | National Association for Child Window Safety

Lendlease hopes to finish installing Tough Tek Metals window safety screens in the majority of 156,000 upper-story windows in its 40,000 military houses by 2026. They initially tried using limiting devices on windows, which allows the window to open only a limited distance. However, installation fire departments pushed back on these devices because they block escape in the event of a fire. So, Lendlease’s innovation group and the environmental health and safety team worked with industry to see what was available, and teamed up with Lansing Housing Products to develop a strong screen, said Phillip Carpenter, Chief Operating Officer, Lendlease Communities . What’s most exciting is the potential for this innovation to make its mark beyond Lendlease.

Lendlease Communities